Dawn Tolbert

drawing of watercolor flowers

Not-So-Secret Agents

During the children’s sermon on Sunday, the kids heard the Lone Ranger theme and were told about the famous question that ended many an episode: “Who was that masked man?” Our pastor remarked later in the service that he always wondered why people couldn’t figure out who the masked man was. I thought instantly of […]

Don’t Go Off Half-Baked

There’s a somewhat infamous story in my family about the great Christmas cake disaster. Somewhere in the past few years, I’ve inherited the responsibility for cooking THE Christmas cake. It’s a three-layer coconut cake that harkens back to the ones my mother and grandmother made as part of our family celebrations. My recipe can be […]

Moon Shadows

I hate to date myself, but I was born less than a year after man walked on the moon. In my life, I’ve spent many an hour gazing up at that shining orb, watching its waning and waxing. It’s always felt like a comforting old friend. Maybe that’s why I can’t stop thinking about the […]