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Abraham Lincoln, Marketing Advisor?

Statue of Abraham Lincoln, The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Statue of Abraham Lincoln, The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Abraham Lincoln is all the rage. At the movies, during TV commercial breaks, and even in the bookstore, Honest Abe is popping up everywhere. Guess it is no surprise that when I did an online search looking for quotes on procrastination there he was.

Lincoln’s advice?

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

That’s true of marketing your business. Maybe writing that blog post or coming up with an idea for a new brochure isn’t your idea of a fun afternoon. You’d rather be focusing on your primary responsibilities than writing an article for your employee newsletter. You know you need new business cards or a sales flyer, but you’re not even sure where to start.

Putting off these marketing tasks may seem like a good idea, but that means new clients won’t be learning about your business. Taking action today propels your business forward. Evading it, as Lincoln said, doesn’t make the responsibility go away.

Set aside time for marketing tasks as a regular part of your day. Allow 30 minutes to one hour to work on your marketing tasks. Make it a priority and tackle it first thing. You’ll be fresher and when the time is up, you’ll be finished with that task for the day.

Or, if marketing is an area where you could use extra expertise, find a freelance professional who can ease your burden and help move those items from the “To Do” to the “Done” column of your agenda.


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  1. So true! So many freelancers either forget to market because they get busy with assignments (guilty!) or put it off because of fear. But it’s probably the most important thing we can do for our wallets. I call it “eating my peas.” I’m trying to get better about getting tasks like this done first, so I can move on to the more fun and interesting tasks. We’ll see how long that lasts 🙂

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