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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Developing Well-Crafted, Concise, Consistent, & Correct Text

The text for your brochure or website is finished. Time to put it in a template and publish it, right?

Not so fast!

Editing is a vital step in the writing process. A former boss referred to writing a first draft as spewing. It’s all about getting words on paper. But are those the right words? Are they in the right order? Didn’t I say that already? Am I sure about my usage of there, their, and they’re? Did I type Dwan instead of Dawn?

Ideal text is well-crafted, concise, consistent and correct. Proofreading is a specialty of mine. I love the challenge of finding and eliminating errors that can impede effective communication. Let me put my training to work for you.

Learn more about my editing experience under the About and Services tabs. Then contact me for a quote using the Contact tab.

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