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Always proofread carefully to see if you any words out

Proofreading word cloud
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Did you catch the mistake in the headline? It’s amazing how quickly our minds fill in missing information. That shows why proofreading and editing are often difficult tasks to handle on our own.

For writers, allowing someone to review your work or — gasp — suggest changes can be a difficult task. But editing is crucial not only for journalists and authors but for anyone whose writing will be read by an audience — even an audience of one.

In the business world, editing is simply a must-do task. Errors in your newsletter, on your website, or on the sign out front reflect on your business. But let’s be honest: Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation can cause even an experienced writer’s head to spin, and heaven knows how easy it is to make a typo or to choose the word “there” when you clearly meant “their.”

How do you minimize or reduce those errors? I’ve listed 3 Suggestions to Eliminate Errors that Make Your Business Look Bad (no, not badly).

  1. Take a Time Out. When you finish writing, put the piece aside and do something else. Come back with fresh eyes and read it again. Often taking a day, an hour, or even a few minutes away can help you see mistakes you might have missed earlier.
  2. Speak Up. Read what you have written out loud. Here’s the trick though: don’t read what you meant to say or what your mind fills in for you (Remember my headline?). Hearing what you have written can help you catch mistakes and identify places where you words are awkward.
  3. Get Help. Mistakes in your communications can leave a negative impression on your customers. Whether you just need someone to check your comma usage or you’d like someone to take the whole task of writing, editing and proofreading off your hands, consider hiring a professional to help. I offer a wide range of writing, design and editing services, and personalized quotes are available for projects of all sizes. Visit my website at to see how I can make your life easier.

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