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The Ultimate Joy Stealer #366Days Day 9

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Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, I’m hear to tell you, it’s not very good for creativity either.

I’m struggling with a writing project. It’s not because I don’t have a topic, but because of the other individuals who have written for this outlet before. I’ll admit that I don’t know all of them, but one is a woman I know who I’ve always looked up to. She’s smart. She’s kind. She’s beautiful. She’s probably even the type of person who wouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition! 

I keep thinking about her contribution, and my own words just fall more and more silent inside me.

It’s a terrible thing we do to ourselves — measuring our worth against someone else, measuring the whole of ourselves against the public persona of another person. Besides, it puts our focus in the wrong place. Author Natalie Snapp says, “When we compare, we look sideways at those around us instead of looking up to the God who tells us ‘You’re mine.'”

That kind of love from the Creator who literally breathed His Creativity into us is way more powerful than any other person could ever be. I need to spend some time resting there, and then I’ve got to go, I have a writing project to finish.


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