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Missing the Forest for the Trees #366Days Day 10

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With Christmas quickly approaching, it seems like the list of things I have to do is growing exponentially. There seems to always be one more gift to find, not to mention wrap, more cards to write, more treats to make. This morning I woke up with a list rushing around in my brain, demanding time and attention. I began to think that maybe I could skip this party or that dinner to try to get it all done. And that’s when it hit me. I was beginning to miss the Christmas forest for the trees.

All of the details are nice, but who really will feel slighted if their gift is tucked into a bag rather than wrapped with painstaking attention? But when we choose the doing, the cooking, the details over the loved ones we’re supposedly doing it all for, haven’t we missed something important? If we allow our nerves to become so frazzled that there’s no peace in our hearts, how can we sing about and pray for peace on earth?

Of course, as important as family and friends are, even they are not the real reason we celebrate Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not because of snowflakes and gingerbread houses and twinkling lights, but because in this time of year we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, which means “God with Us.” Jesus is the most wonderful Christmas gift EVER, and I want to be sure and include Him in my celebration. At church Sunday, my friend Martin sang a song I didn’t know. The song (Adore by Chris Tomlin) included familiar words, but in a beautifully new way.

Adore, come let us adore

O come let us adore Him!

The Lord, worship Christ the Lord.

Let all that is with us.


Like many sacred things, we throw that word around lightly. “Isn’t she adorable?,” we ask about our new puppy. “I just adore that dress.”

Sure, some of the definitions mean “love and respect deeply” or “like,” but there’s a deeper meaning that serves us best in the context of the Christ of Christmas. It means “worship or venerate” with synonyms being worship, glorify, praise, revere, reverence, exalt, extol.

There’s only One I know who is worthy of all of those words, and I’m excited to celebrate Him this Christmas. I just want to remember to be more like Mary, sitting at the Savior’s feet in adoration, rather than like her sister, Martha, who is so busy rushing around that she misses important moments of worship.

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  1. I needed to read this today. My phone is out and my internet was also out. Nathan solved my internet problem, but tech service will be here tomorrow for phone. And it is Chrigstmas season…..

    1. I needed it last night!! I was so worried about getting everything done that I almost missed a great time with Larry and with church friends.

      Sorry y’all’s phone is acting up.

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