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In this morning’s mail #366Days Day 14

Christmas letter and envelope

I love Christmas cards!! I think that addressing the cards does as much to put me in the holiday spirit as singing “Holly Jolly Christmas” or “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” at the top of my lungs. I spent the morning addressing and stamping the cards that will be mailed to family and friends. While I was at it, Larry sorted the cards we have addressed for our church’s missions post office. (The missions post office is a pretty cool idea, by the way: the cards are dropped in a central location, sorted by first letter of the last name, and our church members then look for and collect their own “mail.” The postage goes to support the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, which in turn supports international missions.)

The time I spend hand signing and addressing each card gives me a chance to think about the folks who will be receiving the Christmas greetings. Some are cousins, aunts and uncles we don’t see nearly often enough; others are former co-workers and old friends. I love that Christmas Card Day gives me time to remember the love and laughter we’ve shared and to reflect on the rich blessing Larry and I have received through the people in our lives.

It’s fun, too, to get cards whether delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or picked up from the church. I love the ones with pictures of the families. Larry and I ooh and aah over how the kids have grown and love seeing cards from couples who’ve invited us into their world through their Christmas card. I love when folks include Christmas letters. We learned, for example, that a dear friend, who is now 94, has been traveling with his daughter, visiting family and friends. We’re connected with so many people through social media, but it’s rare that those posts are meant especially for me — at least not the same way that Christmas cards are. Sure, it might just be the 2015 version of the family card that comes in the mail, but someone made an investment in getting it to me. I think that’s pretty cool.

Reflecting on the cards made me think of how much I used to enjoy receiving handwritten letters or cards sent for no reason. I think 2016 just might be a good time to revive the art of letter writing or at least sending a card to say hello without a birthday, holiday or major illness needed. Anyone with me? Is it even possible to buy stationary these days? Guess I’ll have to go to Amazon and check…

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  1. Good thoughts, Dawn. I know that someday I will give up on sending Christmas cards, but for now I still love the whole process. I have written a Christmas letter to go in our cards for 25 years. We keep them in a really neat Christmas record book given by a former co-worker. What fun it is to go back and read those letters and relive the memories! Yes, keeping sending the cards. You are spreading joy and making connections with people who really need some love and cheer. Friends tell me I am crazy to keep sending cards with all we have to do at Christmas. Then I hear from one of the recipients about how much the card and letter mean to them each year. Crazy? Maybe, but this crazy girl loves it! (Oh and by the way, I love that the church post office is still going. I was just talking about that the other day.) Merry Christmas to you and Larry!

    1. Merry Christmas to y’all, Susan. We’ve never done a Christmas letter; it always seemed like it would be “we went to work and came home,” but I am a big fan. What a great treasure to have yours all gathered in a book.

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