Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Santa Claus comes tonight #366Days Day 19

Santa's sleigh flying over a house

It’s Christmas Eve, and the forecasted high for today is 73 degrees. It’ll be even warmer on Christmas, with the temperature expected to reach 76. Bing Crosby may croon about dreaming of a white Christmas, but it’s just not going to happen in Georgia this year. The rare full moon we’re expecting won’t be shining on new fallen snow and my sweaters and scarves are still tucked snugly in the chest of drawers.

A lifelong resident of Northwest Georgia, I have seen few white Christmases in my life. We’re much more likely to get socked with snow and ice in February or even March than in time for a holiday sleigh ride. It’s probably just as well; I don’t even know anybody who owns a sleigh! But I do have one extra special memory of a Christmas snow.

I was in high school or maybe junior high, and my family had gone for our annual Christmas Eve celebration at my Aunt Libby’s and Uncle Gus’ house. We’d arrived with a “ho, ho, ho” as we came in through the front door. That was the only time we used that door — at Christmas. On everyday visits, which happened pretty regularly, we entered through the kitchen door, but Christmas was special. We’d sit in the front room, also only used on special occasions, and pile our gifts underneath Libby’s tree. We’d visit a while and then have dinner, typically roast beef with potatoes and carrots, and for dessert, Libby Cake, which is the richest, yummiest chocolate cake you could imagine. After dinner, we’d open gifts and laugh and enjoy our time together. Then, we’d always have to hurry home to get to bed before Santa came.

On this one year, though, something special happened. When we opened the front door, the yard was coated with the prettiest dusting of snow which was still falling from the sky. None of us had even known it had started, and we rushed into the yard to take in the magic.

We’ve had a snowy Christmas, maybe two, since then, but that’s the one I always remember — the beauty and the complete surprise.

Even with this year’s warmer temps, I wish each of you that kind of Christmas magic. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.



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