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The Link Between Talent and Belief #366Days Day 23

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I watched a TED Talk yesterday about creativity, and the speaker shared his belief that many of us never discover our talent. I happen to believe that that each of us has been created as a unique gifted individual and designed to share our talents with the world. Our talents may be as varied as we are — perhaps you have a talent for art or to teach or to sing or to care for the sick or to create. But, it’s terribly sad if many of us keep those talents locked away inside us as a dream or even just an inkling that there’s something more.

Actor and director Tom Hooper is quoted as saying, “I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it’s shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it’s a physical block.” Through film, he tells “the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self.”

That’s a cool thing to witness on the silver screen. We love to root for the underdog, to see the triumph of the one no one would pick. It’s even more powerful to see it in real life. I love to read or hear stories about people who’ve overcome those blocks that Hooper mentions in their quest for a goal.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my best self would look like, how she would act, who she would help. Having that vision is important for me to know what path I need to take to get to her. When I envision that, the answer is not about accomplishing more and certainly not about owning more. Instead, it’s about drawing closer to the Creator and reflecting His love and His grace more fully. I’d rather have peace and wholeness than some thing that will wear out or not really be as awesome as advertised. I want to be one who uses my talents to the best of my ability, pouring them out as a gift to God and to others.

On our Pink Typewriter Project page, we’re talking about planning for happiness in the coming year — taking ownership of our actions and reactions and seeking a better world by being a positive change. If you haven’t visited our site, I encourage you to do so. We even have an awesome planner to help you dream about your best version of yourself and then put together a plan to become him or her.

Motivational speaker Les Brown says, “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

I, for one, am tired of being in my own way, of convincing myself that I can’t do things that I feel called to do. I’m tired of sabotaging myself just because of — what was it Hooper said? — shyness, insecurity or anxiety (in my case, it would be “and” rather than “or”).

For 2016, I am choosing to believe that I can.

Even better, I believe that I will.

Care to join me?

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  1. Dawn, once again, you hit it right on the spot!!! Are you writing to me PERSONALLY?? This is my goal, too!! I know that I have a lot of talents and want to share them in the best way possible. Sometimes, those things you mentioned, “anxiety, shyness, insecurity, etc.” can get in the way. I don’t think “shyness” is a problem for me!!! I love cooking for people, helping elderly people, and being with my mom and stepdad! I know those are my talents, but I want to delve deeper to find more, and I want to learn how to use the talents in their best way!!

    1. I’m not targeting you, Patty, but I’m glad what I am writing is speaking to you. I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity and unlocking my best self. That requires a lot of courage, which is what I am praying for, and belief, which is my focus word for 2016. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. 🙂

  2. I will join you Dawn! I’m very excited for what 2016 holds for us both and I will definitely need your support when I start convincing myself my dreams are too big. Today we saw the new Star Wars and felt compelled to come home and watch the others in succession. In Episode One, a Jedi says “your focus determines your reality.” I plan to focus on believing in myself and making that MY reality! Thanks for the inspiration Dawn! 🙂

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