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Sharing a Dream #366Days Day 29

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You’ve probably already guessed that I am a goal oriented person, the type who likes to have a list of items to accomplish and who is happiest when I am making progress on those items. Each January, I love to think about the coming year and set goals for the types of things I’d like to accomplish in the coming 12 months. But until this weekend, Larry and I had never sat down and done that kind of planning together.

Sure, we’ve had to do lists and worked on joint projects, and we are pretty good at supporting each other. But I can’t say that in our nearly 22 years of marriage we’d ever really taken intentional time to sit and map out a vision for ourselves both as individuals and as a couple. We did that on Saturday over a plate of shared nachos.

The conversation allowed us — admittedly two very different people — to share our thoughts and dreams, to take time to be intentional. Our conversation roamed from household chores to service at church, writing goals and learning goals, personal and professional dreams. When talking about our greatest goals for the year, we set both individual goals and one for us together. It really made my day when I asked what he thought my biggest goal for the year should be, and he skipped over those pounds I need to lose to say simply “your book.” While the pounds made my personal goal list, it means so much to know he is supporting my dreams, too.

I found a quote by artist Joe Murray that says “Marriage should be a duet; when one sings, the other claps.” I so appreciate Larry’s support and hope he feels the same support from me. I sure plan to make that a priority in this new year.

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  1. Love this idea! I guess we always have had goals as a couple although these conversations generally tend to be sort of informal and spring up out of other conversations. We usually have goals for home projects and trips we want to take and individual goals for career and health. I loved your quote about one singing while the other claps! I had to laugh out loud though because I’m usually the one clapping and won’t sing in front of Scott!!!! Hahaha! 🙂

    1. Ha ha!! Lots of folks clap for Scott singing! But I love that quote and what it says about mutual support in marriage.

  2. Marriage is so much a journey. One made much more enjoyable when you reach for the stars. I’m so thankful to have a life partner who pushes the envelope and seeks out the extraordinary. Am blessed to share my life with someone so talented, caring and God-seeking as you Dawn.

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