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Too much TV? #366Days Day 33

retro television setWhen I was in college, I used to joke that everything I knew I learned from TV. When a friend asked me how I knew how to pronounce Agamemnon in world literature class, my answer? Star Trek. How did I know that a paladin was a knight when it came up in Spanish class? Have Gun Will Travel, which I admit I never watched but my dad taught me the theme song. Still TV related, if you ask me.

I did watch a lot of TV as a child. From Little House on the Prairie to Batman to Happy Days. I found out tonight — while watching TV — that I was not alone.

A contestant came by the American Idol auditions and mentioned her nickname, which the judges immediately identified as coming from the Laverne and Shirley theme song lyrics. That simple fact threw the three of them into a wonderful off-the-cuff rendition of the song. I caught myself humming along. They ended the song with comments about watching soooo much TV as kids; since we’re all roughly the same age, I could totally relate.

My friend Rick and I are excited and a little sad about the last season of American Idol. I can see that maybe it has run its course, but I truly will miss the fun evenings and the easy topic of lunch conversation. Guess we’ll just have to go back to quoting our favorite lines from M*A*S*H.


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