Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

What a game! #366Days Day 38

I love college football. I’ve watched with my daddy almost my whole life and truly enjoy the game, although I don’t watch late night games a lot unless my team is playing. 

So, without a dog–or rather a Yellow Jacket–in last night’s national championship game, I figured I’d do my typical thing and watch until I could make a pretty good guess about the winner and then head to bed. I did, after all, need to get up early. 

I was pleasantly surprised to still be wide awake well past midnight. I was on the edge of my seat not sure until those final 12 seconds who would win. 

I wrote yesterday about perseverance and endurance. We got a great example last night right on national television. Two teams working as hard as they possibly could to achieve their goal. There was a definite winner when the clock ticked to zero, but I don’t believe there was a loser on the field. 

Congrats to both teams. You did the SEC, ACC and all of us proud. 

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