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I have to tell on myself #366Days Day 41

Yesterday, I wrote a post that was a little down-in-the-mouth. At the Day 40 mark, I had begun to wonder if this blog is making a difference, if I’ve had anything worthwhile to say, and if anyone was reading it. The post was quite melodramatic, I’m sure. Thankfully I had the good sense to erase it and write about being touched by blessings. 

That’s a much better place to focus my attention!

But God has a sense of humor. During the day yesterday, my phone buzzed with the notification that someone was indeed reading my blog and had commented. Did you see it in the photo above?

“Toenail fungus commented on your blog post…”

I literally laughed. Out. Loud. I understand web crawlers and spammers and all that, but I took this as a reminder not to take myself too seriously and not to get so focused on outcome that I forget the purpose — growing in my writing and in the discipline associated with it. 

Many of you have commented to me in person and through the blog to let me know you are reading. And I appreciate the support so much. Knowing you are out there makes a huge difference, and I just wanted to thank you for making this journey with me. 

Have a great Friday! I’ll see you tomorrow. 😊

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