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#366Days Faith Reflections

I don’t want to be like those guys #366Days Day 42

 I finished rereading Job this morning. When I read that ancient book, I’m always amazed by Job’s friends. They launch into these eloquent speeches, pointing out to Job the error of his ways and demanding that he repent. They use God’s name so it’s easy to assume they must be right, right?

Except we know the full story. We saw the scene where Satan wanted to test Job and asked God if he could. We know their speeches, however well intended, aren’t helping their friend. We know from chapter 1 that Job was “blameless and upright.”

By the end of the book, we see God speaking out, rebuking these friends, basically telling them “you just don’t know what you’re talking about.” In fact, He tells them that in order to be forgiven they have to get Job’s forgiveness and have him pray for them. 

I wonder how often I am like those guys. Do I offer my well-intended advice without prayer, without applying scriptural teachings or without seeking God’s direction before spouting off? I’m afraid I have. For that, I’m sorry, and I pray God will strengthen me in areas like wisdom and discernment. I’d rather be able to offer my friends godly counsel than just be another person shouting her opinion about how they should handle their lives. 

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