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Dreaming of snow days #366Days Day 46

retro radio

I’m from northwest Georgia, which means that in the rare event that there was snow or freezing precipitation in the forecast, there was a good chance we’d be missing school. Growing up in my small town, that meant keep an ear attuned to the radio my parents had in the kitchen. The best feeling in the world was snuggling under the pile of quilts and hearing the booming voice of Frank Burgess announce over the Big Double A, “No school today.”

Of course, I’d groan immensely if I heard the opposite. Yep, those few words — “There WILL be school today.” — were enough to dash anyone’s hopes. I loved school, but who wouldn’t love a free day off?

It’s funny now that the mere mention of snow in the forecast makes me groan. As the PR person at a university, I know it means I need to be up early waiting on a phone call or text message giving me the official word so I can get busy texting, sending emails and making phone calls. I can either be a hero or a zero, depending on the message I get to send out that day.

Today, I’ve gotten to be both. Closing early for today, but opening for tomorrow. It’s okay though. I heard the cheering outside my office window when the text message went out calling afternoon classes for the day. I remember that feeling. And though I don’t have my great-grandmother’s quilts piled on my bed, I did manage to squeeze a nap in between Law and Order reruns — and write two blog posts. Not bad for a “snow day.” Not bad at all.


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  1. I remember those school days so well and waking early with the anticipation of a possible day off school. Of course, growing up in Canada it would have to be an all out blizzard, not just a few inches of snow, to close schools down. But those days were filled with sledding and snowmen, wet mittens, cold feet, and hot chicken noodle soup for lunch. Good memories! ❄️

  2. Oh, YES!! I, too, remember that feeling as a child, but also as a teacher!! I imagine that children think the teachers hope that snow never cancels school!! But, NO!! We were always tuned in to WSB where we would get the official word. I remember being on the phone with one of my teacher friends as we were waiting to find out. We were so excited when we found out and she was going back to sleep. I, however, stayed up, watched the snow events on tv and piled on another quilt!!

    1. That’s great, Patty! As children, we never understand that the teachers want to have a day off, too. Those are great memories of fun times. 🙂

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