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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

The Perfect Storm #366Days Day 49

Unlike many around the country, we here in Cedartown got a perfect dusting of snow. It was beautiful last night as it fell. We woke to a pretty white glow, warm inside with nowhere to go. We’ve enjoyed a day at home, even tackling a few chores (including the promised closet reorganization!), and then were able to go to the grocery store on roads that are perfectly clear. All in all, it was a great snow event in my book. Pretty, but without the headaches of ice or extended messiness. 

This afternoon, we watched The Hunt for Red October (one of my favorites) and then found the US figure skating championships on TV. The latter drove Larry back to his computer, but I couldn’t be happier. When I was younger, my family loved to watch figure skating together. The artistry, the grace, and the music remind me of so many exciting moments. 

Images of Brian Boitano, Katherina Witt, Peggy Flemming and Dorothy Hamill (who inspired the haircut I had as a young girl) flood through my mind. Such beauty, such excitement. 

I love learning the stories of these young athletes who’ve trained so long and so hard working toward their goal. It’s amazing how someone’s training always seems to peak at just the right moment. Today it was a lovely brother and sister pair who won the free dance. It will be fun to watch them as they move toward the 2018 Olympics. 

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