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Zuzu’s Petals #366Days Day 51

abstract drawing of flower

If you’ve been reading along lately, you know that I’ve been taking part in a Bible study at my church based on the movie War Room. The study focuses on the importance of prayer in our daily lives, and I’ve supplemented the study with reading a related book written by Priscilla Shirer. That book, called Fervent, is simply awesome and is having such a great impact on my prayer life. I highly recommend it.

This morning, I spent part of my quiet time reading a chapter that was written especially for me. It’s about fear and focuses on how Satan uses fear to corner us and keep us away from all that God has intended to bless us with.

One of the best things about this particular book is that she encourages you to write specific prayer strategies for each area of your life. I haven’t put my fear-fighting prayer to paper yet, but I did try one out this morning. In fact, I spent a good deal of my drive in continuing to talk with God about my fears from small things to big. And right there, in the middle of Highway 27 just south of the Coca-Cola plant, came this image from one of my favorite movies.

I’ve always loved It’s a Wonderful Life, and I clearly saw little Zuzu Bailey, the youngest daughter of the movie’s main character George. Zuzu has, as you may recall, received a flower at school and was quite distraught when a few petals fell off. She gave them to her rather harried father, begging him “Daddy, paste it.”

Those petals, of course, are important in the movie — helping George to realize when he’s returned to his wonderful life. But I have to admit this morning, I felt very much like Zuzu. I have this flower — this life — and then I have all of these petals that have fallen off or are in the midst of falling off or aren’t looking quite like they should. And there’s simply nothing I can do to fix them, no paste I can wield that will make one dab of difference. And so, like Zuzu, I go to my Heavenly Father and cry out “Daddy, paste it.”

Fix it.

Because I can’t. I need You. Your Help, Your Strength. You.

Fortunately, my Heavenly Father is much stronger and more powerful than George Bailey. He can do more than just stuff the petals in a pocket and hope I don’t notice. I’m so thankful that He is the God Who Hears.

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  1. Loved what you shared at Bible Study tonight about the book, Ferver, and the strategies we can use to fight satan. This article is so good, too with the analogy of Zuzu. Again, Dawn your writing is powerful and so helpful to me!!

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