Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer
#366Days Faith Reflections

Reflectors on the Road #366Days Day 59

Tonight I am thankful for reflectors on the road. You know the ones: the small reflective markers dotted to help mark the division between two lanes. 

Those things are small, and on their own, they don’t do much. It’s easy to overlook them on a beautiful, normal day. But on nights like tonight, what a difference they make! 

Dark nights are hard enough on me, eyes straining to adjust to the glow of oncoming cars or — often worse — that guy who is following a little too closely and just won’t pass. In my VW Beetle with its huge back window, that guy’s lights seem to cut right through to my brain. 

Tonight, as I was driving south, I ran into a storm that was driving northeast. The rain, hard to see through at times, made the white lane dividing line on my left almost invisible. 

Except for those reflectors in the road. 

They’d be there, just often enough, nudging me back the right way. And they helped get me safely home. 

It occurred to me as the rain slacked off that that’s a good thing to be: a reflector in the road. I want to allow the Light to reflect through me and to be there to help make a difference in, dare I say, dark and stormy times.

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