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Three Things that Matter #366Days Day 68

calendar notation that says learn something, write something, do something nice

In my daily planner, there’s a section that asks me to list three priorities for each day. These aren’t necessarily the things I need to do first; to drive this point home, the header changes to ask me to think about this list in different ways. It might be something that fuels momentum, feeds my soul, or moves my life forward.

Today’s header suggested I list 3 things that matter most. I still like to use this section of the planner as a priority guide for my day, so I didn’t list family or faith or any of the other truly important things that are priorities in my life.

I decided to — borrowing a little terminology from the photography world — zoom out a little and think about the kinds of things I want to achieve each day rather than focusing in so tightly on this moment in time. I was kind of pleased with the list I came up with:

  1. Learn something
  2. Write something
  3. Do something nice for someone

As I snuggle my head into the pillow at night, I think if I’ve managed to do those three things then I’ve done okay.

Today I’ve managed to hit number one out of the park. I had a fabulous opportunity to listen to an awesome speaker at work and to have a long conversation with a friend about a fascinating writing project he is working on. I can hardly wait to start reading what he’s written so I can learn even more!

The “write something” is harder to judge. I wrote my prayer for Day 2 of Lent this morning, completely engulfing a couple of index cards (front and back). This blog post counts. I’ve written for work. But my mind keeps telling me that the something I need to be writing remains untouched. I hope to carve out at least 30 minutes tonight to focus on that writing that makes me both terrified and excited at the same time.

And with the “do something nice” note scrawled on my to-do list for the day, I’ve found myself offering compliments, holding doors, and generally being more aware of the others who inhabit my world.

All in all, I think that’s a pretty good day and that the list is worth holding on to for future tomorrows.

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