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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Love Notes #366Days Day 71

heart doodleIt occurred to me recently that one of the drawbacks of the digital age is that hardly anybody writes letters anymore. Larry and I have been to countless museums over the years, and I’m always fascinated by how much you can learn about people’s lives through the letters they wrote. Letters are often a major part of the storytelling of wars, national histories and personal love stories.

I remember as a child my Daddy leaving hand-written notes for my mom wishing her a happy however-many-month 11th anniversary — He’d take the time to calculate how many months they’d been married, their wedding having taken place on the 11th of March. I always found that extraordinary. That’s the same kind of love that had them holding hands this morning while sitting together on the side of his bed at the hospital. See, just last week they celebrated their 659th 11th anniversary — or for the more mathematically challenged that’s just one month shy of 55 years!

I decided for Valentine’s to write Larry a love letter. It was an honest-to-goodness note written on pretty stationery and told him how much I appreciated him. It seems kind of lame to admit that was his gift — especially since he took me out for a great lunch AND had a dozen roses waiting on me when I arrived at Sunday School this morning. But I wanted to try to capture how much his support and his love mean to me. I think he really liked it.

I think I’ll try to be more intentional — and more frequent — with my love notes in the future.

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