Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Not enough hours #366Days Day 72

I used to watch “Days of Our Lives” when I was younger. I started when I was pretty small, watching with my grandmother. She passed away when I was 11. I watched through high school and college — at least as often as I could. I wonder how many times I heard Macdonald Carey say those famous words, “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Day of Our Lives.” Funny that the theme music actually started playing in my head right on cue as I typed those words.

Thing is, it’s amazing to me how aware I am of the passing of time through the hourglass. Maybe it was that early daily reminder, but time seems to be moving ever so steadily.

I had a fabulous weekend, carving out time for writing, a date with my Valentine, visiting my dad in the hospital, and our normal Sunday church activities. But as I found myself up early washing recyclables and staying up late to hang up laundry, I wondered where the time had gone.

Today at work, I had a fun opportunity to watch a reporter interviewing our theatre students about an upcoming production. She asked the hardest part of the job. Their answer: time management! That’s so true even for us 40-somethings. It seems that I often want to complain that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But then I realize how much time I spend on social media or playing Solitaire on my phone. [Let’s not talk about Solitaire!] And I remember that I did manage to clear my DVR of Law & Order reruns this weekend– not by erasing them unwatched but by chugging through them in beautiful binge-watching form. And I have been known to dabble a bit in the paint of procrastination.

I probably tend to over-schedule my time or at least over-plan or over-promise what I can and will accomplish during an evening or a weekend. Sometimes you need downtime — and sometimes you need Downton. But when I make those choices I need to stop whining about not having enough time. I had just as much time as everyone else had today — I just made certain choices about how to spend it.


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