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#366Days Believe Bravery

What if? #366Days Day 73

What if? Those are two powerful words. In writing, they can propel a story forward. Yes, that’s a cool thing that happened there, but what if…? Suddenly my mind is off to the races, imaging new twists and turns.

I’ve started trying to introduce those words into my life as well as my craft. What if I finally decided to try guitar? That question got me a cool Christmas gift and has led to some hours of fun. Still need to carve out time to practice more and master the transition to that C chord from the G — and back again — but I’ve made progress and have fun at it.

Today, my friend Dana — an avid tennis player — shared a poster about a beginning tennis program that’ll be happening in town soon. I’ve never been good at sports and was fairly miserable at PE in school. Would I really pay money to take a tennis class? Would I embarrass myself horribly? Would I fall on my tail or have a heart attack right there on the court? But, then I heard those little words again — what if? What if I actually learned to play? What if it was a great form of exercise? What if it really is as fun as everyone claims? What if it opened up a new horizon for me?

I follow lots of folks on social media who inspire me. The fitness guru who once was really overweight. The successful author who decided to risk writing from her heart. The world-renowned speaker who talks about the importance of taking risks and believing in your dreams. There stories teach me that it’s okay to imagine that life could be more, to try something completely outside my comfort zone.

I don’t imagine I’ll be packing up for Wimbledon any sooner than I’ll be hitting the road for my guitar concerts, but that’s not what those dreams are about. The goals are fun and exercise and enrichment of my life. What if I learned to be braver and bolder?What if I focused on enjoying the ride?

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