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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Grateful #366Days Day 74

This afternoon, I had the privilege of warming up the van for Daddy’s trip across the street as he made his way home from the hospital. Mother mentioned earlier in the week that she’d made several trips back and forth from home before her odometer finally turned over one mile. We were literally that close and yet so far.

But there was nothing going to stand in Daddy’s way today. Not the suggestion of another couple of days of therapy. Not the oxygen tank that was behind him on the lift and that he left in his dust, preferring to get in the house over getting oxygen. (We got him hooked up to his home concentrator quickly — don’t worry!) And just crossing that threshold was the best medicine. 

And once we were all settled in our comfy spots, we talked about how abundantly thankful we are. We are thankful first to God for allowing Daddy to recover and to return home. We are also grateful for the countless prayers and love that have been poured out on our behalf. Our hearts overflow with gratitude. 

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  1. So happy for all of you! We share that feeling of “coming home from the hospital”. Enjoy all these moments!
    Love ya’ll!

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