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#366Days Faith Reflections

Rainfall #366Days Day 80

Yesterday, I drove home in a steady rain. The entire world looked gray and wet. Sheets of water streamed down hills and across the roadway. As I twisted the knob, trying to adjust the wipers from too intermittent to just right, I thought about the saying “Into each life a little rain must fall.”

The moments of torrential rain came flooding back to my mind even as I looked at the real-life steady downpour. My mind recalled that sense of pounding, of not being able to find shelter to protect us, of feeling soggy through and through.

On Sunday, we studied Jesus calming the storm. I told my fifth graders how the storm came up, surely the rains began, and the disciples became afraid. They sort of knew what to do — they went looking for Jesus. But when they found Him, He was asleep. It was more than they could take. They wanted Him to be up with them, worrying over the wind and the waves. They woke Him, and I imagine had to yell to be heard over the pounding storm.

We’re going to drown!

Don’t you care?

We could die!!

Jesus took care of the storm first, telling the waves to be still. Then He focused on the disciples, asking where their faith was. He was with them and things were under control — even in stormy seas. Even in the rain.

It has been said that at any moment in our lives we are either in a storm, about to go into one, or just coming out. I am (I hope!) on the way out of a storm, and I am so thankful for the One who is Faithful and True, the One who Promised Never to Leave Us or Forsake Us — even in the rain.

As I hear the birds chirping outside my window, I leave you with these lines from Casting Crown’s I Will Praise You in this Storm:

And I’ll praise You in this storm

And I will lift my hands

For You are who You are

No matter where I am

And every tear I’ve cried

You hold in Your hand

You never left my side

And though my heart is torn

I will praise You in this storm

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