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Life Should Have More Stickers #366Days Day 82

Yesterday, we had an unexpected day off due to a power outage on campus. Finally, I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of early voting in the upcoming presidential primary. Now, Super Tuesday won’t include an early morning run by the voting precinct. I actually like voting on election day, but it’s hard since I live in one town and work in another. Anyway, a friend posted on Facebook that he’d used the time to swing by the early voting place, and I thought, “What a great idea!”

I leapt from my chair (yes, quite literally) and hurried off to wisely use my time. I have to say that I love small town life. Early voting is at the county administration building in an old bank. It’s maybe three miles from my house — maybe. I buzzed down College Street, turned into the lot, had my pick of parking spots, popped in, waved hello to a couple of folks working in the tax office, and rounded the corner to the elections office.

Getting signed up, having my voting card activated, and actually voting just took a couple of minutes. Then when I left, they asked if I wanted a “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker. I gave them a grin and answered “That’s why I vote!”

It’s only partially true, of course. I understand the importance of voting and that participating in our government is a responsibility in a republic and not just a right. BUT, I must admit that I do love getting a sticker. In fact, I think adults should be able to get more stickers. The only other one I remember receiving of late was for a flu shot I got at our health fair on campus, but I think those were mainly for the college students.

Anyway, to my Georgia friends, don’t forget about Super Tuesday — or to take advantage of early voting (through tomorrow, I believe!). And definitely say yes when they offer you the sticker.

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  1. I agree! As kids we were motivated to do better in school when given stickers! It was a good feeling for me, too, when i voted last week and got my sticker!!

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