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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Catch It Live #366Days Day 84

blue spotlight on stage

Last night, my sister, hubby and I went to the spring musical put on by Shorter’s School of the Arts. There’s nothing quite like live performances. The production we saw was filled to the brim with energy, enthusiasm, and amazing talent! And it’s so much fun to see the excitement on the faces of the students as they audience laughs at just the right moment or explodes in applause after a flawless solo.

It had been a while since I’d had the chance to catch one of their shows. Our schedule is so busy that we almost always have conflicts, but I remembered last night that I’ve really been missing out. These are once-in-a-lifetime moments, and I’m so fortunate to have easy access to them.

We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we’re planning to head to our local auditorium to catch the Cedartown Follies tonight. I know that will be great fun as well — with family and friends we’ve known forever taking the stage.

I told Larry we need to make plans soon to go see our musician friend perform, and we need to take advantage of the really cool opportunities we have nearby. I encourage you to do the same. Go out and hear a local musician. Find a poetry reading or artist’s talk at a museum. No college nearby where you live? Check out community groups or the high schools for arts events. There’s amazing talent out there, and it doesn’t always have to cost big bucks to enjoy it.





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  1. Dawn, I went to Follies tonight. Packed house. Well rehearsed. Excellent band. Fun. From the pulpit I encourage congregation to go hear live music. Sit near back. Many are free. If it doesn’t suit you, leave. Make the effort. Nothing like live performance. Thanks. Enjoy your posts. The one in ROME, too. I miss you. Love and Peace, Nancy

    1. The Follies were great! I was so proud of everyone involved, and what a fun night of laughter! We’re so fortunate to have such great opportunities in Rome and Cedartown. I miss singing! I am planning to come back in the fall.

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