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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Old Friends #366Days Day 85

Our church has been partnering with other churches to hold joint Sunday night services this month. Tonight we were joined by the good folks from the church where I grew up. We went to that church from the time I was five until I was a senior in high school.  

It is quite a part of the fabric of who I am. Tonight I got to see dear friends who have loved me and supported me for my whole life–at least the parts I remember. 

That’s one of my favorite things about living in the same town where I grew up. There are people who’ve known me longer than I’ve known myself. Folks around still remember my grandparents and some went to school with my parents. One tonight reminded me of how she felt at our wedding. 

As I sit multitasking by watching the Oscars and reflecting on my small town life, I am struck by how much importance we place on people who we don’t even know. We might follow them or be a big fan, but they wouldn’t know us if we passed them on the streets.

And they sure wouldn’t take the time to ask how momma an’ them are. I prefer folks who do…and who actually care about the answers. 

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