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Dawn Tolbert | Writer
#366Days Bravery

Leaping Lizards #366Days Day 86

Well, it’s finally here — February 29. A special day made up to make things right. 

Leap Year is fascinating to me. I love the fact that mathematicians quite a while back calculated our calendar to match our annual journey around the sun. They noticed, of course, that things didn’t work out quite perfectly, mathematically speaking, and that we’d need to make some adjustments along the way. 

So, almost every four years, we get this day. The 29th of February. 

Almost?, you ask. Well, yes. Apparently an extra day every four years is a smidge too much of a correction so century years don’t get an extra day, unless of course they are evenly divisible by 100 and then by 4. Thus 2000 was a leap year; 1900 was not. 

Anyway, I think that’s a great life lesson. There’s a pretty good plan but sometimes adjustments will have to be made. Maybe they’ll be big adjustments — like throwing out the calendar and starting over. Sometimes, maybe we’ll only need a leap second (Google it!) here or there to even things out. 

But needing to make an adjustment doesn’t make us failures. Recognizing the need and responding accordingly makes us smart and brave. 

Let’s be smart and brave. 

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