Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Please vote #366Days Day 87

One hundred years ago, I — and women like me — wouldn’t have had the right to vote.

Today, I am thankful to have not only had the right but also to have had the option to take advantage of early voting. My in-and-out (and sticker-earning!) experience of voting last Wednesday couldn’t have been easier, and I am proud to have supported a candidate I believe offers an optimistic view of America’s future.

As a Generation X-er, I’ve heard a lot of negativity in my day. From day one in the workforce, I’ve expected Social Security to be bankrupt before I ever see a penny. Our generation — following so closely on the heels of the Boomers — is smaller in number, and the projections for future economic health of some government programs have been enough to leave me with a queasy feeling when I think about scary things like retirement.

So many people in our country are disengaged by the process and opt to stay home on Election Day, figuring that their vote doesn’t make a difference anyway.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even with record turnout, the difference between one candidate and another can be just a handful of votes. Plus, the importance of being part of the system is more than the outcome of any one vote on any one election day.

I have a favorite candidate, and I hope he does well on this Super Tuesday. But, by doing my part and exercising my right to vote, I have already won. Many of the women of 1916 would have loved to be so fortunate.

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