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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

On the Prairie #366Days Day 89

Today, a sinus infection had me down for the count. I came home early from work and have only managed to nap and watch TV, even reading being a bit beyond my ability for the afternoon. 

I really can’t say how happy I was to find what might have been my favorite episodes of Little House on the Prairie showing on the Hallmark Channel. Today’s offerings featured Laura and Almonzo’s spat and his move to Sleepy Eye, meeting Houston, the establishment of the blind school there, and the taming of Nellie by Percivile Dalton. It was so good to see old friends whose stories were turning out well. 

The pace of life on the prairie was just right to not inflame my headache and made me long for simpler days. Then, of course, I realized I was watching all of these old friends through the miracle of the modern DVR. Maybe I will just visit the prairie and be thankful for a world that includes sinus medicine rather than ice baths to fight sickness. 

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  1. I love Little House!! Mom, Jet and I watch it sometimes.
    I’m so sorry you have that headache. It’s hard to deal with, I know. I hope you feel better!

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