Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Small Kindnesses #366Days Day 90

I have the best of intentions about things a lot of times. I mean to send a note to someone who has shared good news. I think about stopping by the store for a sympathy or get well card. I plan to return that thoughtful email I received or to pay it forward by sending a note to someone who might need a smile.

And sometimes I manage to follow through. The note gets sent. The card is bought and mailed. The email becomes more than just a pixel-laden dream. But a lot of times — more than I care to admit — I realize at some point down the road that my good thoughts have exceeded my grasp.

In the mail at work this week, I’ve received two hand-written notes. One thanked me for a recent lunch; the other congratulated me on the column I wrote that appeared in the recent issue of Rome Life magazine. Both were unexpected and such a pleasant surprise.

Both brightened my day.

That’s a great impact to have on another person, and one I want to cultivate more of in my relationships. No, one I plan to cultivate more…starting now.

I’ll catch y’all later; I’ve got some notes to write.

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