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Dawn Tolbert | Writer
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Fresh Tears #366Days Day 92

“Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”

That quote has always struck me as one of the more melodramatic ways of describing my craft. As one who stayed more on the professional writing side of the spectrum, I found myself dismissing the idea outright for quite a long time. But good writing requires a level of connection and vulnerability that is very closely akin to opening a vein and letting the blood flow. 

The cost of connection is high. The cost of not connecting is insurmountable. It’s like watching the judges give feedback on American Idol when they tell the contestants that there wasn’t enough heart, that they didn’t feel anything during the songs. 

As a writer, I have to feel in order for my reader to feel. If I hold back, the connection is broken, the writing barren. 

Today I have struggled through revisions. I say struggled because I’ve written painful scenes that need emotion. Raw emotion. The writing has left me somewhat spent and I have trouble treading the passages without tears. I hope that means the work is becoming worthwhile, that I’ve something to offer in my words. 

For now, I need a rest, an evening to say farewell to Downton Abbey. And maybe a bandaid. 

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