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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Spring Break #366Days Day 94

My life has, for the most part, been measured in academic years. I count myself incredibly blessed to have wandered into the world of higher education PR oh so many years ago. I love the enthusiasm and optimism of the students on campus. I love having student workers who not only help accomplish tasks, but who are learning about possible futures for their lives. It’s so much fun to have a small part in their lives.

Since my blog posts are automatically shared on Facebook, it’s possible that quite a few of my former students might actually be reading this. It’s awesome when they graduate from student assistant to friend — something that often happens even before they earn their actual diplomas. It’s funny how often our inside jokes pop into my head or I share one of their favorite quotes. Often I’ll find that such a memory chuckles me. 

I love how in higher ed as we’re becoming part of the students’ lives, they’re also becoming part of ours. I wish I’d had the foresight to keep photos of all of them through the years. They span two institutions and more than two decades now. (Yikes!)

They’ve been on my mind today as my current students are off having fun for Spring Break. (One of them is enjoying LA, for goodness sake! Not that I’m jealous at all.) I am, though, also grateful for a combination of vacation and official time off that will allow me to enjoy my very own Spring Break for the next few days. I’ll still be here writing each day, but maybe I’ll be a little more rested.


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