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An Ideal Bit o’ News #366Days Day 95

My last Ideal Bakery cake, circa 2013

My little town has quite a few wonderful characteristics. From great people to quaint streets to a really nice city park to an exceptional auditorium, I’ve always found a great deal to love here. Sadly, though, a couple of years ago, we said goodbye to one of my favorite businesses in town: the Ideal Bakery.

In a bigger place, the closing of a family-owned bakery might not be major news, but Ideal Bakery had been a part of life in Cedartown for as long as I can remember. Through different owners and changing fashions, the folks there cooked up some of the most amazing treats. Those fudge center cookies are out-of-this-world.

But nothing can compare to an Ideal Bakery birthday cake. Those sugar icing roses and the sweetness you can actually smell is a little much for some people, but to me, it smells and tastes like childhood.

I have to admit that I was more than a little sad that the bakery closed just weeks before my birthday. If only we’d have had one more cake or known that last one (pictured above) was the last one, I’m sure we would have savored it more (if that’s even possible!).

Today, my Facebook feed erupted in jubilance over the news that a wonderful local couple has plans to reopen the bakery. Mouths were watering countywide — and much further afield, too, according to the friends I saw commenting on and sharing the good news.

At my age, I’m not exactly counting the days until my next birthday. But I have to admit I am hoping the bakery will open by the end of May so this birthday can be celebrated the way any good Cedartown birthday should be — complete with sugar roses.

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