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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

True Love #366Days Day 97

Today is my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. 

Wow. 55 years. Larry and I will have 22 years in the books come July. It’s hard to imagine what 55 years feels like. 

I think 55 years is pretty awesome. I think my parents arpretty awesome. 

I’m blessed to have a wonderful example of what true love is. My parents have taught me love is about shared laughter, about worshipping and praying together, about caring for one another every day. It’s about still holding hands, even after 55 years, and being devoted, not hopelessly, but with tons of hope for the future, for eternity in fact. 

I’m grateful for that, for the example they give me every day. 

Happy anniversary, you two. ❤️

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  1. They both have been and continue to be a Christian example to us too, even after our 49 years of marriage. We are blessed to call them Sister and Brother in law.

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