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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Sweet Melody #366Days Day 107

I took piano for a year — and my teacher quit.

That one line, a true statement although it leaves out a few key facts, could always elicit a laugh from a lovely lady it was my pleasure to work with at Shorter for several years.

When I arrived on the Hill to head public relations, Mary Ann Knight and her husband, William Knight, were, to put it simply, legends.

They both had serve as members of the music faculty at Shorter longer than I’d been alive. They both taught piano and had made indelible impressions on countless students through the years. Both were impressive performers, and it was my honor to write a few stories about them, including one the year they were honored as National Teachers of the Year by their colleagues.

I saw on Facebook this morning through a friend’s post that Mary Ann has passed away. I’ll write official announcements for the university to share and one to include in our next magazine. But this morning, in my space, I want to say she was my friend, and I will miss her.

I am thankful for the sweet melody of her life.

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