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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Forced Concentration #366Days Day 111

Yesterday I was immensely excited about the three-day weekend looming ahead of me. I had great plans not only to celebrate Easter but also to be uber-productive and check off so many things on my to-do list.

And then I talked to Larry and found out our modem went out, taking with it our home phone service (no great loss except to the telemarketers), our TV, AND our internet service.


Hence, I am coming to you today from the lovely corner of the Cedartown Public Library. I’m amazed, I might add, by how packed this place is. Most of the tables have people at them, the majority with their noses happily buried in computers rather than books, but still, it’s great to see our library having such a reach. I’m so thankful to live in a country that offers free public Wi-Fi and access to books and information.

It’s amazing to me how attached I am to technology and the access it affords. I keep a lot of my files in the cloud these days, having suffered the death of a laptop about halfway through my doctoral program. There’s nothing quite like losing access to materials you need, which thankfully, at that point, did not include my dissertation. Had it, I doubt I would have ever finished.

But this morning at 1 a.m., I woke up wondering if my cloud-dependency meant my internet-less laptop couldn’t access the files on which I’d been working. It’s the kind of question my grandparents never had to worry over in the middle of the night.

That left me wondering how much improved our lives truly are given the advantages we have technology-wise. Fortunately, that thought pattern put me right back to sleep for some sweet question-free dreams.

At any rate, I’ve spent my morning doing a speed-proofing of my entire novel and have tackled a project or two related to the Pink Typewriter Project. It’s impressive even if it is fueled only by a lack of access to recorded Law and Order episodes and a ban from my online jigsaw puzzles. I told my sister yesterday if things got bad enough I could always pull an actual puzzle from the closet and get to work killing time.

I’d think about that more if I hadn’t just realized that my free library Wi-Fi also means I can access the puzzle game.

I’m kidding….probably. 🙂

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