Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer
#366Days For Fun

Yellow Haze #366Days Day 116


Georgia in the springtime. Here, the slightest breeze whirls a cloud of pollen across any open spaces.

On Sunday, we had a heavy, cleansing rain, and the world virtually sparkled on Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, though, that familiar yellow haze was back.

My windshield, cleaned just that day, had a not-so-thin coating. The windshield wipers were enough to send it flying, only to settle again on my car…or someone else’s.

Larry and I had a good laugh last night as we met a huge dark blue pickup truck coming toward us — its hood a ghastly bright yellow through no fault of its own — simply from having been outside in Georgia in the spring. I wonder, though, how my red VW Beetle looks when folks see us coming.

Yes, our pollen is something else. But I wouldn’t trade the flowers and the dogwoods for a clear, pollen-free sky. I will, though, be inside for a minute taking another dose of allergy medicine.

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