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I’m how old? #366Days Day 117

I woke up yesterday with this crazy ache deep inside my hip. My first thought was “How old am I?” Fortunately, today there’s a bruise starting to form so I’m pretty sure I must have banged said achy hip into something.

But my week has been filled with a few such moments seemingly designed to point out my ever-increasing years.

My student worker (who just turned the ripe old age of 21) and I were sorting through a box in our storage room. She threw out “this random piece of a printer.” I laughed a few minutes later when I discovered a perfectly good typing stand on top of the trash. I set it up and showed her how to use it, leaving out the part about how I used to type news releases into the computer system at the newspaper. I guess I’m lucky we always had computers to use in my newspaper days. [I did use an Xacto knife and a wax machine on our college newspaper although I wasn’t allowed to paste things up because my friend, “Mr. Cut and Paste,” said I made everything crooked.]

I love to tell the story of when I started in PR my then-boss wasn’t too keen on the new fad the IT department had come up with. What was it? Email. He said it wouldn’t catch on, and some days, as I’m wading through sale offers, news alerts, and spam to get to the actual important messages, I wish he had been right.

When I started in PR, we drove our news releases around town or, if we were feeling especially stand-offish one day, we’d fax them over. I’m not sure when the last time I sent a fax was, but I haven’t used an honest-to-goodness fax machine in years.

Some of you reading this have seen a lot more change in your lifetimes than I have. My dad grew up listening to programs on the radio and was younger than I am now when he watched the news coverage of man walking on the moon. He was using a computer at work before he retired. It’s enough to make my head spin when I project what kind of undreamed of advances might still be head for me.

It’s kind of nice to still be on the low side of the half-century mark and to still have years to go before I reach it — although I don’t need all the fingers on one hand to count them anymore.

These are the thoughts that sprang into my head when I realized I am on — gulp — day 117 of this challenge. That’s nearly a third of a year that’s passed while I’ve been sharing my daily musings.

Time marches on. If my hip wasn’t aching, maybe I could keep up.


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  1. It’s funny how the things you write about coincide with what is happening in my life. This week at school, the topic of conversations with our elementary kids has been a Dictionary, an Encylopedia, a Thesaurus, and an Atlas as your research resources compaired to the Internet. We explained the differences between today’s time and yester-year. The kids had no idea what any of the books were or how they were used. They loved touching and reading the examples as we passed them around. It was a such great day and very fun for the kids. I love reading your blog.

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