Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

My Own Personal Economy #366Days Day 118

I asked Larry what I should write about today and he said “how about the disconnect between rising gas prices and the improving stock market.” After I stopped pretending to make snoring noises, I did tell my economic woe for the week. 

I haven’t been very good at cooking at home this month (last month now I guess) so I haven’t bought a lot of groceries. It took me a while then to reach my 100 fuel points at the local grocery chain. I nearly cried when I pulled up to the pump to claim my long-awaited 10 cents off and found the gas prices had gone up 20 cents since my last fill up. 

While it may be a sign of an improving economy or just the result of summer blends mixing into the fuel,  it was enough to make me sigh. I am thankful, though, for a car to drive, a job to drive it too, and access to abundant fuel. 

Happy driving. 

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