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My Blue Typewriter #366Days Day 119

Most of you know my friend Dana and I are working together on The Pink Typewriter Project, a blog we hope to use to make a positive difference in the world. I have a friend who jokes he’s going to start a Blue Typewriter Project to spread cynicism and sarcasm. He’s teasing us, of course — or maybe I hope, but I smile every time he says it. {it occurs to me that maybe my smiles have been encouraging him!}

But, when he says that, my mind thinks about another blue typewriter and a very young girl who dreamed of being a writer. My blue typewriter was really some 1980s-era color that’s not quite blue and not quite blue green, but it might well be one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received.

I spent hours, days probably, bleeding dry countless ribbons as I stayed in my room typing out stories, dreaming up characters who’d wistfully gaze out windows or who’d find themselves in the funniest situations. They’re there, crowded in my memory, waiting for the day they may find themselves off the shelf and back in the limelight, ready to face new adventures.

I have a hankering (that’s different than a desire or a wish, you know) to dig through my pack-rat files and see how many of them are still there. I know I have stories written for this creative nonfiction class and then that other one, but I hope that early fiction has survived. I’m sure I’d wince to read the juvenile prose — but I do that with stuff I wrote last week, and remind myself that’s what revision is for.

But I’d like to dance with those old friends again, to walk with them down streets, and lean in closely to hear their conversations. I imagine they’d tell me to write on, and I’ll happily listen.

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