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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

I’m One of Them #366Days Day 123

Once upon a time, my sister had surgery, and I stayed with her to help take care of her. The first night, she had to watch American Idol. That was way back in Season 6, I believe although my first full season of watching was when the David’s were battling it out for the top spot. 

Up until that point, I’d never watched a moment of Idol, and I was quite proud of it. Well, let me tell you, I’ve watched plenty since then. I’ve hardly missed except for season 12 when I just couldn’t take the bickering between the diva judges. 

Tonight begins the two-night finale that will end an era. 

I am sad. 

I will miss the search for talented singers and feeling like I’m along for the ride. 

I will miss Harry and Keith and JLo. 

Most of all, I will miss Georgia’s own Ryan Seacrest, although he’s everywhere.  But it won’t be the same. 

There are lots of cliches that come to mind: “all good things must come to an end” being chief among them. I have friends that I’m not sure what we’ll even talk about without Idol. I guess we’ll always have Lee DeWyze singing “Hallelujah” to fall back on. If you didn’t see it, do yourself a favor and Google it. Do it even if you saw it. It’s still good. 

All of those Idol watchers I once wondered about? Yep, I am one of them. And I’m proud of it. 

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