Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Unplugged #366Days Day 127

I’ve spent a lot less time today with my iPhone in my hand. I’m trying to be more conscious about unplugging and slowing down on Sunday, to focus on truly making it a day of rest. The unplugging worked so well that I was in bed nearly drifting off the sleep when I realized I hadn’t written my blog post for the day!

I thought a lot today about all of the things we accomplished last week. Work, evening meetings, church, writing, etc. kept us both really busy and meant that we had little time together.The coming week looks busy, too, but I am excited to see what God has planned for us. 

We’re doing a study at church on daring faith and tonight’s lesson talked about when we expect the best we honor God. It’s not about positive thinking or pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. 

It’s about realizing that we are dearly loved children of a good, good Father who wants the best for us  

It’s about surrendering my to-do and to-have lists to Him, knowing that His ways and His thoughts are higher than mine. 

It’s about trusting that He wants to bless us in a way that is uniquely planned for us. That’s pretty cool, and that’s the thought I plan to go to sleep to tonight. 

I use my iPhone as an alarm clock, and tomorrow’s is set to go off with the label “Seek God first.” That’s a great reminder for every day. Tomorrow, I will begin the day plugged in — not through my phone or other modern gizmo but to the Source that is Eternal, Loving, and Good. 

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