Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Off Topic or Atopical #366Days Day 131

I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to decide what I want to write about. Today is just one of those days where nothing seems to fit right in my brain. Some topics seem too obscure, others too whiny. I think I’ve actually started and abandoned four or five posts. 

I’ve asked my husband, parents, and sister for advice on what I should talk about. There were some good ideas — the loving care my husband shows me by pumping my gas was my favorite (and he was not the one who suggested it!), followed closely by his suggestion that I write about people who drive through parking lots at night with their lights off. I even thought about writing about the fact that the person in front of me in the breakfast line got her breakfast paid for by the person in front of her; I hope it helped her have a brighter day and that she was able to pay forward the kindness. 

None of those ideas has set my writer hrain to tapping so I find myself here at a loss not for words but for some cohesive idea to build my words around. I’m not sure it qualifies as writer’s block, but it’s at least a writer’s speed bump. Still, the show — or in this case the blog post — must go on. 

So I’ll just take the advice my daddy offered, telling a story a preacher friend of his once told. He got up before the congregation and asked what he should preach about and a little boy answered, “About a minute and then be done.”

At least I can get that part right today. 

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