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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

The Good China#366Days Day 133

Today was a momentous day. I actually cooked for the first time in what seems like forever. Sure, I’ve made a few meals to take for lunches and heated things here and there –soup, hot dogs, etc. 

But today I decided to make homemade spaghetti sauce and treat us to home-cooked Italian.

Larry had been out working in the yard all afternoon so I took my time cooking and setting the table. I went to reach for our normal dishes but decided to pull out the good china instead.

Larry and I have been married for 22 this coming July, and I can pretty much count the times we have used our good china on my fingers. We seem to do most of our entertaining around the holidays and have used our Christmas China a lot. 

The good stuff? Not so much. 

It seems to me like that needs to change. We are worth it –just us. We don’t need an excuse to use the good dishes. 

Life is too short. 

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