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Passable photographer #366Days Day 137

Back in the day when I majored in Cimmunication Studies in college, we had to have classes in four areas of media. Mine were print (my planned career), tv, radio and photography. I understand from a friend who will be studying Journalism at a major state institution this fall that this broad based approach to media training is back in vogue. 

I’ve never made my living in tv or radio, but the skills I learned have been invaluable. The best option to add to my print training, though, was photography. 

Although I haven’t developed one single black-and-white print since I left Gardner-Webb and I never could get the film started in the reel to begin the developing process, I’ve used the shooting techniques a lot. Even the darkroom concepts of dodging and burning come into play when working with Photoshop.

Last night, I got to go hear the Three Rivers Singers perform the Brahms Requiem. And I planted myself in the balcony and shot photos to use on their website. 

They are, thankfully!, not half bad. And I find that the more I practice photography, the better I get. I guess that’s true of most things in life. Practice makes perfect…or at least passable. 

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