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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

De-caffinating #366Days Day 142

Several years ago, maybe five or six, I gave up Diet Coke. To be honest, I’m surprised Coca-Cola survived the downturn given how many I drank each day.

One day I simply decided that I was done, that the drinks weren’t healthy and that I needed to stop. I stopped mid-20-oz. bottle. That bottle sat on my filing cabinet for a long time reminding me that I had won. 

And then the long afternoons set in and I’d get sleepy or brain-fuzzy without the stimulating effect of all that caffeine. So one day my friend gave me a Diet Mountain Dew. Then I had another the next day and so on until I was hooked again, this time on antifreeze-hued nectar. 

I’ve been a DMD fan for years now but realized, caramel coloring aside, that i simply traded one habit for another. That ended on Friday. I drank my last DMD and said goodbye. 

It’s day three and the caffeine headaches haven’t been too bad. (Probably a good idea to quit in sinus season when I already had a headache anyway!) Still, I have to admit that this afternoon seemed longer without my favorite soft drink. But, I think I’ll say no if a friend offers me an alternative.  

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  1. Good for you, Dawn! I have been a Diet Coke addict or swear-offer at various times in life (pretty sure my college-years consumption was a tanker-truck equivalent), but have a current approach that I can live with: Wednesdays are Diet Coke Days, and I get a single bottle at lunch. No others, emergency stressouts notwithstanding, are allowed during the week! We’ll see how long this works; if Diet Coke Day starts migrating to Monday, it’s probably a bad sign!

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