Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Discounts #366Days Day 147

Mother and I went shopping this morning. While waiting in line, we overheard the clerk tell the ladies in line in front of us that they’d saved 400-plus dollars. Their total spent was just south of $300. 

I love a bargain as much as the next girl, but it’s interesting to me how stores want us to focus on the savings rather than the spending. A slippery slope for sure. 

One of the items I purchased was a new pair of running shoes. Mine have simply given up the ghost, and I was quite happy to find a pair of Asics on sale for &59.99. Then I noticed the original price: $62.00. While I appreciate the $2.01 discount, I’m not sure that’s worth the big red sale sign that was over them. 

It reminded me of a trip Larry and I made to Lowe’s years ago. There was a sign with four- or five-inch letters that said, “Sale. Was $199.99. Now 199.98.” I have no idea what the item was, but I remember remember telling Larry that’s such a good deal we should get two! We had a good laugh then and many times since. 

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  1. I remember your grandfather Carroll telling us about a customer that came in the bait shop for some shrimp for fishing. After looking at the shrimp that was in the showcase the customer said he might be back, but he was going to check other businesses to see what they had. A short time later the man returned and attempted to purchase some shrimp. The man was informed the shrimp were not for sell, since he didn’t purchased them when he first came in. So I quess the price didn’t make a difference in this case.

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