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Dawn Tolbert | Writer
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Big Data #366Days Day 149

My post for Saturday mentioned the word “Asics” as in: I just bought the most awesome new Asics running shoes. That night and all day yesterday, my Facebook feed was interrupted every so often with an ad for — you guessed it — Asics running shoes.

I quipped to Larry that I wasn’t sure if I liked Big Data keeping track of everything I do or say online. I threatened to write a blog post with a whole bunch of random words or brands thrown in — Timex, FitBit, ukulele — just to see what would happen to the ads I received. I know last week I looked up antique typewriters for a friend and have been getting ads for all things typewriter related ever since.

There’s one part creep factor in feeling watched, but I really like receiving advertising that might be for something I’m actually interested in rather than just something some guy in New York decided I need to buy.

But I have to say that maybe some social networks need to follow Amazon’s lead in using Big Data to fuel their follow suggestions. For instance, just now, Twitter suggested I follow Clemson Football. My first thought was, “Oh, Twitter. It’s like you don’t know me at all.”

Go Jackets!

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