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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

The Fifth of May #366Days Day 152

While many folks are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, to me the Fifth of May is special for an entirely different reason. It’s my Aunt Libby’s birthday. 

She’s my Daddy’s big sister, which if you could see them together would make you chuckle. He’s 6’2 and a fairly big guy. She’s 5’3 or 4 and pretty petite. 

Libby and my Uncle Gus lived in Cedartown and we saw them often when I was a kid. I used to think it was awesome to get to play croquet in their backyard or to pull out the coloring books and crayons from my special cabinet underneath their TV. After my grandparents died, no Christmas was complete without a visit to Libby’s, and in a lot of ways to the 11 year old who lost both of her paternal grandparents in one year, they became something of a replacement. I spent a lot of time visiting with them through the years. 

When I called Libby tonight to wish her a happy birthday my “Hey Libby” was greeted with a “Hey Baby.” She’s Elizabeth to her friends, Bubby to her kids and grandkids, but she has always been our Libby. And that’s just the way I like it. 

Happy Fifth of May, and Happy Birthday, Libby. ❤️

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